About Clarksville Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center

At Clarksville Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center we pride ourselves on being a facility that offers each resident a true home-like environment. We began serving the Clarksville and surrounding area in 1975 and have since expanded! To accommodate our residents needs additions were built in 1980, 1994, 2000, and in 2013, Westside Assisted Living Suites! CSN & RC cares for 42 individuals under licenses for both skilled and general nursing. We offer private and semi-private rooms to meet each resident's needs. CSN & RC is proudly owned and operated by members of the local communities. Our primary goal has always been and continues to be to provide the best care to each of our residents, regardless of their financial situation. At CSN & RC we take great pride in the quality of care provided to each of our residents.

Privacy Practices

Federal law imposes certain obligations and duties upon us as a covered health care provider with respect to your Protected Health Information.

More Testimonials

For over 30 years, I had the opportunity of taking my 4th grade class once a month to visit the residents of Clarksville Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. I quickly discovered that this was one activity the residents and students enjoyed participating in each month. Residents loved being around the children as you could tell by the smiles on their faces as we walked in, and they couldn’t wait for their 4th grade friend to sit down beside them. The students enjoyed doing activities with the residents while they were learning life-long skills of being considerate, showing compassion, listening, being helpful, and thinking of others. Working together on activities, visiting, and spending time enjoying a snack gave residents and students something to look forward to each month. This was truly an amazing experience for everyone as many wonderful memories were made.

Vickie Miller

To whom it may concern: Having been in business in Clarksville for almost 50 years, our relationship with the CRV has been ongoing for many years. The CRV was a great asset to the Clarksville Community when it was built. As the buildings started to get a little older, we were involved in the energy efficiency movement of new windows in all the apartments. In the more recent past we have been involved with the design and sale of new kitchen cabinets and new interior doors and trim. The CRV remodeled individual apartments as they become unoccupied. These improvements have brought the CRV apartments up to date and make them seem virtually “brand new”. The CRV has always been very community minded when it comes to purchases, and they are always willing to volunteer to help with community projects. The CRV has been a pleasure for us to do business with and again I will say “the CRV is a great asset to the Clarksville community”.

Jeff Hempen, President. Clarksville Lumber Company