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National Nursing Home Week

by Clarksville Skilled Nursing | Published April 15, 2016

National Nursing Home Week May 9-14th
Once a year, always beginning on Mother’s Day, care centers nationwide take pride in publicly honoring the indomitable spirit of residents and recognizing staff who face each day with a sense of purpose and compassion.
We have many things going on for residents, family and
staff to partake in such as:
Saturday– Ladies Day Tea will kick off the week
Soft serve ice-cream all week
Monday – Brunch & Western Day with Cowboy Jim
Tuesday- North Star and Rock & Roll Day
Wednesday- 4th Grade Little Friends Picnic
Thursday– It’s a Small World with Lola Clark
Friday– Pete n Shorty’s @ the nursing home for lunch!

Feel free to come and join us enjoy the week!

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