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Resident Right of the Month

by Clarksville Skilled Nursing | Published August 15, 2014

Privacy and Confidentiality

EACH RESIDENT has the right to privacy in accommodations, treatment, personal care, and written and telephone communications.  Each resident has the right to privacy in fulfillment of personal needs as well as during meetings of resident groups, visits by the residents spouse, family clergy, attorney, and others, but this does not require the facility to provide a private room for each resident.  If a residents’ spouse is also a resident and both spouses consent to the arrangement, they may share a room provided accommodations are available.

EACH RESIDENT has the right to communicate, associate, and meet publicly and privately with an persons of the residents’ choice, unless to do so would infringe upon the rights of others.

EACH RESIDENT has the right to privacy in written communications, including the right to send promptly and receive promptly unopened mail and have access to stationary, postage and writing implement at the residents’ own expense.  Each resident has the right to have reasonable access to a telephone where calls can be made without being overheard.

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